Friday, March 16, 2007

Filters and Homebrew Group

Good day!

I looked at some water filters and systems yesterday. It was certainly worth looking into getting a filter. The amount of water that is needed for brewing will offset the cost of the filter quite easily. There are the cartridge types that go inline with the water supply or hose, but I think that our water pressure here would make that type a little weak. Filtered water on demand may not be possible as we have no pump, only gravity fed. Some days our 'gravity' is not as good as others. There is also the fact that the cartridges have to be replaced periodically. We have a lot of 'hardness' in our water and I think that the filters would plug up quickly.

The countertop models are quite slow, but they are adequet for our daily water consumption. There were about a dozen to choose from at Ace.

At this point I am going to go with the biggest pot I have and boil up on the mornings of brewing and bottling days.

Yesterday I got a message from another homebrewer in Luzon. So there is another homebrewer in the Philippines! Wow. I also started a homebrew group on Yahoo and did a little setup. The URL is If you found this page from Google or wherever and want to join us, please do. We aim to share as much as we can about the homebrewing hobby.

Today I am making some yogurt. I put the innoculated milk near the computer as the extra heat is just what the little guys need. I have a strain of yogurt that I pass on to the next batch. It's got some L. casei from Yakult in it too. It's super tangy.

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