Thursday, March 15, 2007

Water and Order Pooling Idea

Today is shopping day and we're off to the big city. I'd like to look at water filters and purification systems and get a price on them. Potable water here comes in the form of 5 gallon jugs, delivered at P40 each. At a couple of jugs a week it ads up over a year.

I.e. 52 x P80 = P4,160.
OK, that's only about US$80 a year.

The supplied water (tap water) is very cheap, but not good for cooking or drinking. A filter could pay for itself every year if reasonable they are in price.

I am once more trying to gain some contacts to measure the interest in a homebrew association here in the Philippines. Last night I researched and posted some messages on some of the groups. Hopefully a few expats or pinoys with a homebrew hobby will contact me. So far we have 1!

I am also tossing the idea around in my head of a 'community purchasing' scheme where a number of members could pool their orders and take advantage of lower prices or shipping costs. Some homebrew shops have discounts after a certain dollar amount. I know Homebrew Heaven has 10% off if you buy over $250. Pwede.

Ginger ale I bottled yesterday is sitting nicely in bottles. It's a great tasting batch. I primed the bottles with ground ginger, sugar, calamansi juice and water. So far there are no abnormal pressures in any of the bottles. Yes, I used plastic bottles.

Got to go. Blog you later.

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