Monday, March 12, 2007

The State of Homebrewing in the Philippines

It would be nice to hook up with some other homebrewers here in the Philippines so I can learn where to find stuff. I can't seem to find anything. The phone book is useless, the online directory is very poor and my limited local knowledge makes it hard to find things. I wanted to find a shop today that sells specialty restaurant supplies and after looking for a while we gave up and went grocery shopping. Like I said in an ealier post I have not been here for very long. I guess it's fair to say that you have to live somewhere for a while to get to know where everything is. Having a few brewing old-timer locals would be just the ticket.

The neighbors have been helpful in many ways, you know... go to such 'n' such street in the city. Unfortunately, the only map I have of the city has only the main streets named.

I have Googled just about every keyword combination to find a brew club here and the closest one that I can find is in Singapore! Hey I am not that good a swimmer mate!

Perhaps it's time to start the club now. What should we call it? I'll have a meeting with myself and hammer out a name, ok?

Done, it shall be known as HAP or the Homebrewers Association of the Philippines . I guess I am the President too. Please email me if you want to join. We have an opening for a secretary and treasurer. My first executive order as President is to set the membership fees to 500 pesos to cover postage and photocopying. All in favor say aye. I'll make a proper charter and set the date of the AGM when I get some time. For the record, today is Monday, March 12, 2007.

Please email me if you want to join the HAP.

I'd like to thank my brewing friends at Bodensatz for their advice and support.



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