Friday, April 20, 2007

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Bottles, Kegs or Other?

The past week has been one of a large quest for a bottle, or keg or any real packaging system for my homebrew. I was looking at glass bottles, PET bottles, PartyPig, Cornelius kegs and everything seemed overdone, overpriced or out of reach.

My first choice is a lever or bench bottle capper with a steady supply of crown caps. Unfortunately, these are difficult items to source.

A 20 litre Corny won't fit in my fridge (if I still want to have cold food).

How much for a PartyPig?

The closest place I could find tinted PET beer type bottle were HB shops in Aussie. The price of the bottles plus shipping is silly. I could by the bottles full of beer for cheaper! Oh stink I says.


Remember the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy?

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In my morning wanders around the village, I noticed that there are still 1 litre glass Coke & Sprite bottles with screw caps floating around. These heavy glass bottles are circa 1980's in North America before the PET revolution, but they are still widely used here. My fiancee says that there are 750ml glass bottles in circulation, but we don't know if they are screw top.

There is a deposit system on the glass bottles so they are currently returned almost 100%. The deposit is small and I could afford a few of these at that price.

The Sprite bottles are green and the Coke are clear, same as everywhere else. I talked to the vendor and he says they are property of Coca Cola. Nuff said. LOL Something to work on eh?

So there is always an answer if you look hard enough and yes, the Gods must be crazy.


P.S. Venus is in conjunction with the crescent moon. How many drams in a pennyweight?


Ed said...

With clear (or even green) bottles you are going to have to be careful with "sunking" your beer. Even a few minutes of sunlight can add an off flavor to a hoppy beer.

HomeBrewer said...

This is true Ed. Sunlight and flourescent lighting can cause photo-chemical reactions with beer and cause skunky flavours.

I have a big cardboard box with "paws off" written on it. It's the beer box.