Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zymurgy Arrives

Today was a big day in the province. No, I'm not superstitious and Saturday the 14th means nothing to me. Today, I received my copy of Zymurgy magazine from the USA! I also received a FINAL NOTICE from the post office here to come and collect my parcel from Homebrew Heaven. Gee, what happened to the first notice? LOL I think more than one person was sleeping on the job during Holy Week.

Oh well, at things do get here and I have slightly more faith in the postal system than before. The post office is closed today, but Monday I'll go down there and pick up my parcel.

Today, I also made a common temperature table for conversion of metric to imperial. I read of mash, fermentation and sterilization temperatures in ºF and my thermometer is ºC only. I thought I could print it out and stick it on the wall by the stove. Anyways, here it is:

Table of Common Brewing Temperatures

*A note about the last temperature on the table. There is a newly discovered organism that can survive standard 121 degree autoclaving. It lives in volcanic vents under the sea, so there isn't much of a chance that the average brewer will encounter strain 121.

The homemade malt is drying in the sun now and another full day will do it. I may even be kilning some this afternoon in the solar oven. The sun is hot today. A perfect day to have a water outage hey?

Happy Day!

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